Use Giftly to treat your
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places and things they'll love.

With merchants coast to coast, you can send a gift for use at almost any business, from local favorites to nationwide chains. Treat friends and family to places they'll enjoy.

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"I really wanted to treat my Mom to dinner at Sarducci's, her favorite restaurant in Vermont, and a movie at Savoy, the local indie theater. I wanted her to know that I was thinking about her all the way across the country. Nothing existed that felt personal but made this easy, so
Personal Gifts Made Easy
was born."

Tim Bentley, Founder & CEO

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10+ years helping people connect through gifts

Send a gift that's perfect for the recipient and the occasion, in an easy and convenient way. It's a gift they are guaranteed to like.

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Meet the Team

Small team, big vision for a better gift card.

Tim Bentley
Founder & CEO
Kelly Lampron
Head of Product Operations
Craig Kimerer
Head of Engineering
Zachary Eisenstat
Sales & Business Development