BHN Rewards vs Giftly

With Giftly, expect: No setup fees. No monthly fees. No expiration dates. Only spend on what you send.

10% of gift amount
Trustpilot Score
Required for full feature set. Starting around $2,000-3,000/yr
SMS Delivery
Only with paid tier
Payout Options
Merchant Gift Cards,
PayPal (with paid tier)
Gift Expiration
Set at purchase
Multiple Users
Only with paid tier
Custom Branding
Only with paid tier
One editable template
Recipient Support
FAQ page and ticket system

Key differences

Subscription Access

Giftly Corporate doesn't require a subscripiton or minimum order amount to gain access to our full suite of features. For comparable service with BHN Rewards, you will need a subscription starting at a few thousand dollars a year or more.

Redemption Options

BHN requires you to choose recipient redemption options from a set of specific stores. Or, with a subscription you can include a Virtual Visa or Mastercard and PayPal as redemptions choices. Giftly Corporate offers physical and virtual Visa cards, along with PayPal and ACH redemptions recipients by default.

Expiration Dates

Giftly Corporate gives recipients no deadlines. They are free to redeem when they want without concern that their funds will be gone or diminished due to inactivity fees.


Giftly Corporate is built to put the focus on your company. Branding recipient experiences with your logo, messaging, and colors is standard on all orders. Giftly also provides a set of designer greeting and gift card designs for free. And, if you wan't you can upload your own for even greater customization.
In summary

BHN Rewards is a less expensive solution for gifts or rewards under $20. But customization/branding, redemption options, and reporting will all be limited.

Giftly offers the full suite of features on all purchases without any fees or subscriptions. And, costs less when sending over $20 per recipient.

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Our clients say it best

Hear from a few of the millions of happy Giftly purchasers
"Easy to use and gives associates option to use the gift as they wish instead of it being tied to a specific business."
"Great customer experience. I "lost" my card in my phone wallet and sent an email asking for assistance. They responded in an hour and reissued the card."
"Easy to purchase and send, we like that there’s an option to have multiple users from our org that can access the information"
Community Center of Education Results
"I like my [Account Rep]! When spending large amounts of money, it is important to have a person who can double-check or assist in the purchase process.
"I was able to make quick adjustments from email to text delivery without any problems! Delivery was smooth and the ordering process was fast. Thank you!."
"We chose it because it is an effective option for our global team. It allows them to choose how they are spending their incentive or stipend in their local currency. It works globally which is huge for our team."
"Nice gift card and thank you card offerings, flawless on time delivery.
"This was an important purchase so I was relieved when it went off smoothly and on time. It allowed me to give a gift card that would have taken hours to get in person."
"We love the ease of using Giftly to support our team! It is easy for both parties to use and offers flexibility for the person receiving the gift to choose how they use it. Great service!"

1,000s of happy customers

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