The easiest way to reward, retain and engage customers

The flexible payouts platform for incentives, rewards and apologies. Giftly is the better way to say thank you or sorry.
THE FAST & thoughtful WAY

Mistakes happen. Giftly is here to help.

Mend relationships quickly and meaningfully with Giftly. Our platform provides the perfect tool to use when you need to send a one-time gift, an impromptu thank you, an apology or a make good. Giftly gives your recipients the power to make the most of what you send.

Spend less time on how to connect with your customers and more time actually connecting with them.

1,000s of happy customers


Give customers the flexibility of choice

Recipients can redeem to a prepaid Visa Gift Card, Virtual MasterCard, ACH transfer, or PayPal deposit. Simple and convenient ways to receive their funds while giving them the flexibility to get what they want the way they want.



Simply input your bank details and we will deposit your gift directly into your bank account.


Have your funds transferred directly to your PayPal account in nearly any country in the world.

Physical card

Redeem your gift to a physical Visa Gift Card and have it shipped directly to your door, to be used anywhere you like.

Virtual card

Virtual Gift Cards can be redeemed and used online around the world.

A personal, thoughtful solution, everytime.

Whether it's to cover the dry cleaning bill for a garment that was marked, to say sorry for a stay that wasn't up to your usual standards, or simply to wish a customer Happy Birthday, Giftly has the flexibility to make you seem thoughtful, every time.

It's the low-touch way to brighten up someones day, and protect your companies reputation, without the hassle of managing a large internal corporate program.

Effortless management

Easy to send to one or thousands at once

The Giftly platform has been designed to make it easy to send a gift or reward, whether you're sending it to one person or thousands of people at once. Giftly grows with you and gives you the tools you need to gift a little or a lot.

With robust data management, downloadable reports, spend tracking, and team support, Giftly puts you in control and makes light work of corporate gifting programs.


A personal experience, crafted by you, powered by Giftly.

Design a customer experience that puts your brand front and center. Select from a range of custom greeting card designs or choose to upload your own to give that added personal touch that meets your brand guidelines.

We’ll work in the background to fulfill and deliver gifts for you. We do the work, you get all the credit—it’s that simple.

The Giftly experience is designed for sentiment.

We make being thoughtful easy. If you want to learn how we can help you...

Our clients say it best

Hear from a few of the millions of happy Giftly purchasers
"Easy to use and gives associates option to use the gift as they wish instead of it being tied to a specific business."
"Great customer experience. I "lost" my card in my phone wallet and sent an email asking for assistance. They responded in an hour and reissued the card."
"Easy to purchase and send, we like that there’s an option to have multiple users from our org that can access the information"
Community Center of Education Results
"I like my [Account Rep]! When spending large amounts of money, it is important to have a person who can double-check or assist in the purchase process.
"I was able to make quick adjustments from email to text delivery without any problems! Delivery was smooth and the ordering process was fast. Thank you!."
"We chose it because it is an effective option for our global team. It allows them to choose how they are spending their incentive or stipend in their local currency. It works globally which is huge for our team."
"Nice gift card and thank you card offerings, flawless on time delivery.
"This was an important purchase so I was relieved when it went off smoothly and on time. It allowed me to give a gift card that would have taken hours to get in person."
"We love the ease of using Giftly to support our team! It is easy for both parties to use and offers flexibility for the person receiving the gift to choose how they use it. Great service!"
Show Customers You Care

Personalize your customer interactions to drive more engagement.

Use Giftly to create personalized, flexible incentives and rewards to encourage customer feedback, seek testimonials, earn brand loyalty, and prompt customer referrals.

Make your customers feel truly appreciated with Giftly.

A Gift For Every Step In the Customer Journey

Onboard new customers with a welcome gift. Increase engagement with loyalty rewards. Even say “I’m sorry” to a dissatisfied customer.

Giftly helps make every touchpoint along the customer journey an opportunity for a personalized, sincere way to connect with customers.

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